I love to capturing that moment ..These special moments in peoples lifes .. There are many precious times and your Wedding Day is one off them .. If you choose me you will be assured that you will have all these precious moments captured throughout your day .. From the pre- weeding shoot which is included as part of the full day coverage .. through to your first dance ... and a bit beyond to capture some of your night guests.


I love anything quirky and slightly different... From my collection of vintage cameras and my many books...I love tiny details, clouds, the shapes you find in trees, the sound of the sea, Arty tattoos, the colour green to earl grey tea and all things square... And not forgetting my collection of Irregular Choice Shoes :) 

I studied Photography at degree level as well as having a fine art background and a teaching qualification. Photography has always been part of my life ..I learn the craft the old way in the darkroom ..Loved that moment when you see the image appear if like magic ...I feel the same way when I capture that emotive moment between two people very much in love ..The just before and after moment ..

I would love to meet and be able to capture your story through my lens.

Words the would describe my style ... and would love to hear from you if  are planning some a wee bit out the box ... 

Alternative, Fun, Creative, Natural,  Warm, Relaxed, Impulsive, Open,  Bohemian, Off beat, Original, Irregular Unusual, Unconventional, 


My approach as a fine art photographer is

to record your special day completely

as possible with the minimum of interference

Bringing together my creative vision in a reportage style. 

With Some relaxed portraits and a few laid back family group shots  

I am passionate  about the craft of photography, the photo in physical form that you can hold.

The pages of a book, as you turn them the memory and story unfolds. reminding you of how you felt,

evoking the memories of such a wonderful day

If you are looking for images that have been highly produced through the use of the photoshop tool ..

I am  not your photographer .. My aim is to capture the reality, the story of your day as it unfolds ..

including the fun moments as well as the emotion and love

I do use lightroom for my editing process

  All my work is

capture through the use of the lens .. and is not manipulated through the use of the photoshop tool .

 apart from the use of the black and white filter




Personality and trust are important and  you must feel comfortable with your photographer,

which will help you to feel  more natural and relaxed and this will shine through in your photos.

I like to get to know you as a couple and capture that bond and essence you have between you.. 

This is where the pre- wedding images are important 

and comes  FREE as part of the full day coverage and includes approx 15 images 



 Photography is 

so much more to me

than recording, its an art form,

You are commissioning me to

capture your day

You will treasure each

one of your photos

and look back in years

to come and remember.


I do like to be A bit wacky and if and if that what you also like that's great..but we are all different and I'm happy to do what YOU want 

Its your day and I will do my very best to capture the essence of your day in which ever way it unfolds 



If you like my style and approach please message me through  my contact page for a bespoke quote to suit your requirements..

Giving a bit of detail such as date/time/ venue/ plus number of guests ..




Albums are available and can be viewed at a consultation if you would like to come for a more personal chat about your requirement 

But can be viewed  in the portfolio section